RR16 Saturday Night Karaoke - Slurp!

by Saturday Night Karaoke

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2015 is fukking amazing cause Saturday Night Karaoke is back to put out a good good tunes to hear. And this time they got released by a good Japanese label, SP Records, and proudly being announced that Rizkan Records take a part to co-release the album on tape! To be noted that the songs are re-recorded and some are new with a better sound to hear trust me!

To order their cd, please feel free to order them to SP Records at

Also if you wanna buy the bundling package feel free to check out their page at

50 Copies being sold. And still available at
AA. WR Store. Gedung Circle K (lantai. 3) Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 19, Jakarta Pusat, 10210. Phone : 085779550547.

BB. R.A.D. Music Store.Pasar Santa Jl.Cipaku Raya | Lt.Dasar Blok.B No.082, Jakarta, Indonesia 12170. Call / Sms : 021- 95651288 | WhatsApp : 08568996191. Email : radrecordstore@gmail.com

Also if you're taking some mailorder, here are some distro or guys you can suss out.

AA. StoneAge Records Distro. Jl Kresek Raya No 15 Rt 02 Rw 12, Duri Kosambi, Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat 11750. Phone : +625946401230. Email : stoneagercrds4@gmail.com


released July 7, 2015

Thx to Prabu and the SNK guys for having trust in me to re-release this great stuff! and also to Odoy to make the bundling project happens

Saturday Night Karaoke's sites :
Facebook page - www.facebook.com/pages/Saturday-Night-Karaoke/369805872173
Bandcamp - saturdaynightkaraoke.bandcamp.com
Twitter - @snkblahblahblah




Rizkan Records Tangerang City, Indonesia

Its a Pop Punx label. For free music and submission.

Hit me up at stoneagercrds4@gmail.com

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Track Name: Saturday Night Karaoke - Flamming Adolescent-Passion
Met you down the internet,
I guess its just another regret
Oh well should I just walk away?
Your red hair and smoothie lips
Caught my eyes deeply inside a fantasy
Oh well can I move next to you?

For many nights of losing sleep
And you're the one to blame right now
But still I cant get you out of my head
So why dont you just kill me right now

Flamming curiousity
So I check your profile guess what I see
You're going out with another guy
He knows taekwondo and looks so cool
And seems you're really into him oh well
I guess that's how the story goes
Track Name: Saturday Night Karaoke - Anthem For The Grown Up Kobo Kun
Stop making my belly hurts by missing you
I cant handle those goofy smiles all the time
Track Name: Saturday Night Karaoke - Not FB
Been pushing myself hard
To get another clue
Put them in the right place
Puzzling images of you
Somehow the weathers warm
But Well I still feel blue
Some swopping words from you
Made my heart totally screwed
Decisions are made
Someones hearts actually gonna break
Even when Im on booze
It cant fix up the whole cracks
I believed in chance but you said
"Its gonna be a trainwreck"
You said "Its the best for us"
It just worsened my heartbreak

I wish you could sugarcoat the truth for me
May be I'd feel a bit better
I dont mind if you treat me cruel as you want
But seems things are getting bitter now
Track Name: Saturday Night Karaoke - Indie Rock 101 (How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 10 Minutes)
Ripped up jeans, gloomy face
10 minutes songs make you swoon
Jaded looks, HD cam.
The glory of thick-rimmed glasses
I really wanna make out with you
You're so indie rock! :x
Track Name: Saturday Night Karaoke - Coffeeeeeeeeeeeaaaarrgghhh
Track Name: Saturday Night Karaoke - Freshmen Year Sucks
Down the hall youre walking straight and tall
Tote bang, a silhoute on the wall
The scent of your shampoo
Makes me fall for another agony
Tongue tied is what I'm all about
I wanna scream, I need to shout
Cant fool myself for any longer
You put me hot and cold

Down the stairs gossipping with your friends
Infliction spreads into my mind
Well look whos standing right there


Chug more coke, amped up on caffeine
GOtta find a way to make him go
Too bad you're so already into him

You make me feel so sick
Track Name: Saturday Night Karaoke - Anaya
Another day has passed by
Its time to walk away
You are getting better every each day
Another new faces lining up on your back
Now I know how precious you are

A little of this, a little of that
Everything turned out so fast
So I just wanna let you know

Shining spotlight on your blocking stance
Hits my mind really hard
Like saying that you're the chosen one
Admirable sweet little angel
Heartwarmingly waves at the sea of the lonely hearts

Because you are the only one
Track Name: Saturday Night Karaoke - 90's Revival 101 (How To Elaborate A Brokenheart With A Big Muff)
Breezing sunny air keeps passing through
The weather keeps you sane and that the clue
What the fuck is what I'm thinking right now?
Theres nothing I can actually listen now
Well I dont care
Well I do care

I'll never get the girls if I still write stupid punks songs

What the hell is wrong with my brain?