1. RR29 Aggi - Buy This Discography Make Me Rich!

  2. RR28 Peruvian Necktie - I'll Leave The Door Unlocked
    Peruvian Necktie

  3. RR27 Revello - Party Hardly

  4. RR25 Saturday Night Karaoke x Grim Deeds - Split
    Various Artists

  5. RR24 San-Ei split with Whyvu - Miyagi's Death Blow
    Various Artists

  6. RR23 Martha - Courting Strong

  7. RR22 Felix! (The Band) - What To Do In Case of Fire
    Felix! (The Band)

  8. RR21 Take - A Storyline

  9. RR20 Block Fort - Fine City Fuckups
    Block Fort

  10. RR19 Saturday Night Karaoke split with Aggi - Gawking Geek Music
    Various Artists

  11. RR18 Sometimes Always - The Complete Recordings
    Sometimes Always

  12. RR17 Ghost Mice - All We Got Is Each Other
    Ghost Mice

  13. RR16 Saturday Night Karaoke - Slurp!
    Saturday Night Karaoke

  14. RR15 Colour Me Wednesday - I Thought It Was Morning
    Colour Me Wednesday

  15. RR14 The Spikeweed - Spikerocks EP
    The Spikeweed

  16. RR13 The Frankenstone - Don’t be Sad, Don’t be Gloom The Frankenstone is Ugly
    The Frankenstone

  17. RR12 Saturday Night Karaoke - Discography
    Saturday Night Karaoke

  18. RR11 Sarjan Hassan - Tape Rules
    Sarjan Hassan

  19. RR10 Winter - Indonesian Tape

  20. RR09 Mellon Yellow - Milk Calcium EP
    Mellon Yellow

  21. RR08 (((...))) Split with Farson

  22. RR07 Headkrusher - Self-titled EP

  23. RR06 Various Artists - Revolution Autumn

  24. RR05 Prabu Pramayougha - Two Things At Once
    Prabu Pramayougha

  25. RR04 Soft split with Sawi Lieu
    Soft split with Sawi Lieu

  26. RR03 The Frankenstone - The Black Album
    The Frankenstone

  27. RR02 Woodcabin - Demo

  28. RR01 Various Artists - Live At Lithe
    Various Artists - Live At Lithe


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Its a Pop Punx label. For free music and submission.

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